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Smoothie! A Braces-Friendly Recipe

Every person who is experiencing the wrath of braces knows how painful eating can be after getting an adjustment. This pain only lasts a day or two, but the movement of your teeth can be painful right at the beginning….

How To Get Your Braces Off In Time

A person may wear braces for half a year to 30 months depending on several factors. It depends on how old the patient is, how severe the problem is, how cooperative the patient is, and how much movement is possible….

FAQ About Adult Braces

Teeth can move with age as a result of injury, oral condition, or just simply of natural growth. This movement results in crooked or overcrowded teeth, which can cause jaw pain, difficulty in cleaning teeth, or simply an unattractive smile…

What exactly are braces?

Getting adult braces is becoming more and more common these days. If you have crooked teeth that affect how you smile, chew, bite or speak, you may be a perfect candidate for adult braces. To help you better understand what…

Do Braces Increase the Risk of Cavities?

To say wearing braces is inconvenient is an understatement, but the results are definitely worth it in the end. Having a restricted diet as well as having to employ a more rigorous dental hygiene routine at home have most patients…

Myths of Orthodontics

You may have certain preconceived ideas when it comes to orthodontics. The truth is, there are many myths of orthodontics that exist. The following will help you to understand what orthodontics is and isn’t, as well as how it can…