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Our treatment plans are aimed at making you feel ecstatic in the end and giving you a beautiful smile that you won’t mind passing on to others at all. We also want to ensure that you enjoy the journey with us from your very first visit up to your treatment graduation day.

All treatment plans are modeled around your specific needs and wants. All treatment plans are drafted and carried out by your specialist orthodontist, and your doctor will be with you throughout the whole process. Your doctor will therefore also be the person who will clearly and caringly explain what your expected treatment process will look like. When it comes to children, it is good when they are at the age where they have their permanent teeth and where these are fully grown, so that we can also check for wisdom teeth to see if anything needs to be done with them.

Traditionally a full treatment plan from start to finish will involve 2 to 3 years of follow ups. Remember though that each person and case differs, so this is just a general estimate.

Whatever the treatment period might be, there are almost always 2 phases of treatment – the active treatment phase and the retainer phase. This is what they involve:

The Active phase: This is the stage during which you are wearing your braces and have to visit us quite regularly. Normally we will then see each other twice a month for a while.

The Retainer phase: This is when you are done wearing braces and you have switched over to wearing retainers! You may then visit us less regularly.

We are really looking forward to meeting your teenager and impressing him or her with what he or she could look and feel like in a fairly short while with our help, no matter what might be required!